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Winter sports in Karpacz

Winter in the typical mountain areas can be an unforgettable experience. For all lovers of skiing, snowboarding, ice skating and sledding Karpacz prepared very diverse. Extracts in Karpacz are differentiated so that everyone-both amateur and professional, able to calmly and safely poszusować. In Karpacz, there are several statements, which have different length and degree of slope. Winter sports in Karpacz is not only skis. Go ahead, you can also ride a snowboard, are available in sheets of ice, where you can go ice skating. In Karpacz is also one of the few in Poland, tobogganing track where you can try your hand at a special summer or sledding on the bogie wheels. Very often depends on the tourists to find a place to stay near the slopes. Therefore it is very well developed tourism in Karpacz.
With the largest lifts can lodge in the farms and to participate in the life of people living there. You can also assist in the work of some hosts. Choosing the city primarily because of the desire to ski, you should seriously consider this, where we spend the rest of the time.
Roads in Karpacz are available all year round and are waiting for all visitors who only have a desire to stay here longer. In these highways is possible to lodge and eat regional specialties. Thanks to the follies on the slopes we can eat a hot meal and fueled by the inn.
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